Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Seattle Housing Market

The market which supposedly tanked in 07 has, according to numbers reported in The Seattle Times stayed pricey. King county single-family home prices went up 7.1% and condos in King County climed 12.4%. It's interesting just how eager people are to jump on doom and gloom. Of course, you could see doom and gloom in the rising prices too if you wanted, but according to the slog post the local housing market "tanked" in 07. The news seems to be that Seattle is still a very popular place to buy real-estate in and to poop on.

Hat tip for the numbers to Seattle Condo Review

Update I recently talked to an investment banker who told me that: (A) The Seattle area is the number 1 strongest housing market in the country. (B) It's guarantied to at the very least plateau this year and probably dip a bit. Assuming he's right and I've correctly reported our conversation my original point about Dominic Holden prematurely blowing his doom and gloom load still stands.

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